If the book that you are scanning contains images, and you have the interest and ability to describe them, please follow these instructions:

  • Insert the description where the image is in the text, in square brackets: [  ]
  • If the image is set in the middle of a sentence or paragraph, move the description immediately after the sentence or paragraph
  • Proceed the description with the word "Image"
    • If a more descriptive word is appropriate (i.e., “map”, “illustration”, “diagram”…), use that instead
  • Write in complete sentences and use correct grammar
  • Be objective; show rather than tell

Non-objective Example: [Image: A boy pounds his fists, jumps with excitement, and shrieks happily.], write:

Objective Example: [Image: A boy jumps into the air with his hands balled into fists overhead. He is smiling with an open mouth.]

  • Keep it concise
    • Do not duplicate information in the text
    • If the image is already described in the text, simply write: [Image described in text]
  • Consider your audience
    • Is the book for young children? Use age-appropriate vocabulary. Is it an advanced science book? Use more complex words than you might for a kids’ book
    • Read the text around the picture for context
    • Don’t introduce new concepts

Example 1: [Image: A large brown cow is standing in a green field in front of a red wooden barn.]

Example 2: [Image: Mohammed sits in a bed with blue sheets in front of a window with yellow curtains. He has a red ice pack on his head, a thermometer in his mouth. On the foot of the bed is a clip board that says “Patient: Mohammed al Majid, Diagnosis: Hypochondriac”.]

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